This training introduces the learner to naturalistic teaching strategies, which are designed to capitalize on naturally occurring learning opportunities within a client’s everyday environment. The core characteristics of naturalistic teaching strategies are presented, and the approach is contrasted with Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT). Also, the benefits of naturalistic teaching strategies are outlined, with emphasis on how this approach fosters generalization and maintenance of skills. To ensure that the learner not only acquires knowledge about naturalistic teaching, but also acquires practical skills, the implementation steps for Incidental Teaching are presented.


2 hrs.


  • Define naturalistic teaching strategies
  • Identify differences and similarities between Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT) and Naturalistic Teaching Strategies (NTS)
  • Describe Incidental Teaching (IT)
  • Notice how common objects in the environment can be used to teach meaningful skills
  • Generate ideas to make your structured teaching more fun by embedding your teaching within games


  • Linda A. LeBlanc, Ph.D., BCBA-D


  • Linda A. LeBlanc, Ph.D., BCBA-D



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