This training introduces the learner to the importance of effective, efficient oral and written communication with supervisors, colleagues, and other clinical service providers. The learner is exposed to various factors that influence workplace communication, including: the BACB’s code of ethics, funder requirements, mandated reporting laws, HIPAA and FERPA, and company-specific policies and procedures. Other practical topics include, but are not limited to: attending to relevant client variables that should be included in clinical communication; being efficient, timely, and objective in communication; using person-first language; responding professionally to feedback from supervisors; and producing incident reports and writing high-quality session notes.


45 mins


  • Describe what guides what we document and how we document it
  • Identify factors that contribute to effective oral communication with supervisors, immediate colleagues, and other professionals
  • Describe important considerations when producing documentation for your clinical work, including session notes


  • Tina R. Goldsmith, Ph.D., BCBA-D


  • Mia Broker, M.A., BCBA
  • Tina R. Goldsmith, Ph.D., BCBA-D
  • Brianna Kapel, M.Ed., BCBA



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