Product Description


This training introduces the learner to different types of preference assessments. Both formal and informal assessments are presented to highlight how they can be used to identify reinforcers. Three formal preference assessment are described (i.e., free operant, paired stimulus,and multiple stimulus without replacement). The steps for implementing each assessment and for collecting data are outlined. Also, recommendations are given for providing choices as an informal assessment of an individual’s preferences.  


3 hrs.


  • Understand how and when to use preference assessments to identify potential reinforcers
  • Describe the types of interviews to identify preferences
  • Understand how to conduct formal preference assessments
  • Understand how to record data for each type of formal preference assessment
  • Understand how to conduct informal preference assessments


  • Tina Goldsmith, Ph.D., BCBA-D


  • Mia Broker, M.A., BCBA
  • Tina Goldsmith, Ph.D., BCBA-D
  • Brianna Kapel, M.Ed., BCBA
$ 45.00 X