This training expands upon a basic understanding of the applied verbal behavior (AVB) approach. It highlights the role of both the behavior technician and the supervisor in verbal behavior (VB) programming. The basic types of VB are reviewed and the specific variables that control each type are described. This training provides an understanding of stimulus control and the importance of teaching each type of VB under the correct stimulus. Additionally, it outlines ways that a technician can assist with VB assessment, including ways to identify each type of VB as it occurs in the natural environment.


2 hrs. 15 mins.


  • Describe the role of the behavior technician in verbal behavior (VB) programming
  • Teach each type of verbal behavior (VB)
  • Assist with verbal behavior (VB) assessments
  • Identify each type of verbal behavior in the natural environment


  • Ramsey Porta, M.S., BCBA


  • Tina Goldsmith, Ph.D., BCBA-D
  • Katie Hubik, M.S., BCBA
  • Ramsey Porta, M.S., BCBA
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