This training introduces the learner to the basics of reinforcement. It highlights the use of reinforcement as a powerful tool for increasing behavior and teaching new skills. Positive and negative reinforcement are reviewed, and negative reinforcement is contrasted with punishment to provide the learner with a thorough understanding.  Different types of reinforcers are described and the learner is exposed to the four main properties of reinforcement. Additionally, this training describes conditioned and unconditioned reinforcement and presents practical guidelines for establishing new reinforcers through pairing. 


1 hr.


  • Describe different types of reinforcement and when each is most effective
  • Distinguish between positive and negative reinforcement
  • Identify how to change the aspects of reinforcement to make it more powerful
  • Learn how to create new reinforcers by pairing them with existing reinforcers


  • Kaneen Geiger, Ph.D., BCBA-D


$ 15.00 X